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Preparing you Artwork:
Image Resolution

Download the template for the printing you require, if you don't have your own.  Convert your artwork to 600 dpi. (300 dpi. is the standard size for printing, but for artwork with smaller text the 600 dpi works best.  Save as a pdf file.

     If your working in Illustrator or any other vector based program, embed all images, outline all fonts, and save as a pdf file.

Image Size

Your image should be designed in the actual size of your poster or banner.  If you have large artwork for banners it is best done in a vector based program.  If that is not possible make your artwork in the actual size of the artwork and lower the dots per inch to 200.  If the image is still too large, scale it down by 1/2 it's actual size and send that.  Select the "request information" button and send your artwork through dropbox if your image is too large.  For most images you can simply email to:

Download the template you need for your job and email back to us when complete.  We'll assess your artwork and prepare for printing.

We'll email you back a digital proof 

300 dpi

150 dpi

72 dpi

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